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Reporting Ads

You can use the MAX dashboard to report problematic ad creatives to your network partners. MAX attaches information to these reports that helps your network partners to identify and address those creatives. To report one or more problematic ad creatives, follow these steps:

  1. Select MAX > Ad Review > Review > Creatives in your MAX dashboard.
  2. Choose those ad creatives that you want to report. To do this, check the checkbox that appears at the top left corner of the image when you hover over an image associated with an ad creative.
  3. Click the button on the action bar at the bottom. ad reporting
  4. This takes you to the Report Ads page. You can customize your ad report here. Insert the relevant email address, edit the subject, and add a custom message. Report Ads
  5. When you finish making any changes you want to make, click ✔ Send Report. This generates an email report that includes the actionable details that your network partner needs to block the problematic creatives.