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Banner & MREC Ads

The following sections show you how to load and then show and hide a banner or MREC ad.

Loading a Banner or MREC

To load a banner or MREC, call create_banner() or create_mrec(). Pass that method your Ad Unit ID, desired ad view position, and (for banners) desired background color. MAX sizes the ad for you automatically:

local banner_ad_unit_ids = {
android = "«android-ad-unit-ID»",
ios = "«ios-ad-unit-ID»"
function initialize_banner_ads()
local ad_unit_id
local sysinfo = sys.get_sys_info()
if sysinfo.system_name == "Android" then
ad_unit_id = banner_ad_unit_ids["android"]
elseif sysinfo.system_name == "iPhone OS" then
ad_unit_id = banner_ad_unit_ids["ios"]
-- Banners are automatically sized to 320x50 on phones and 728x90 on tablets
applovin.create_banner(ad_unit_id, "bottom_center")
-- Set background or background color for banners to be fully functional
-- this sets it to black - USE HEX STRINGS ONLY
applovin.set_banner_background_color(ad_unit_id, "#000000");

The complete list of position options are:

  • top_left
  • top_center
  • top_right
  • centered
  • bottom_left
  • bottom_center
  • bottom_right

MAX automatically sizes banners to 320×50 on phones or 728×90 on tablets. It sizes MRECs to 300×250 on both phones and tablets.

Showing and Hiding a Banner or MREC

To show a banner or MREC, call showBanner() or showMRec():


To hide a banner or MREC, call hideBanner() or hideMRec():


Stopping and Starting Auto-Refresh

You may want to stop auto-refresh for an ad. For instance, you may want to do this when you hide an ad or you want to manually refresh. Stop auto-refresh with the following code:


Start auto-refresh for an ad with the following code: