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Release DateNotes
Jul. 2023Compressed/gzip oRTB required. Adhere to OpenRTB API Specification version 2.5 section 2.4: Data Encoding.
May 2023Tracking URLs embedded in the VAST XML for video ads do not fire consistently for apps using Android SDK version 11.8.2 (released March 13, 2023) or 11.9.0 (released April 10, 2023). Issue is resolved as of SDK version 11.10.0 (released May, 21 2023).
Apr. 2023Smart Throttling enabled for all DSP buyers.
Apr. 5, 2023Include only those SKAdNetwork ID(s) in the imp[«n»].ext.skadn bid request object that are integrated into the app and that belong exclusively to the DSP that the request is being sent to.
Feb. 21, 2023The imp.tagid bid request field is now unique to the ad unit. Prior to this, imp.tagid was not passed consistently, and a single value was used at the app/package level.
Jan. 2023Add support for CTV
Sep. 30, 2022Add X-Device-IP and X-Device-User-Agent headers to server-to-server impression callbacks.
  • X-Device-IP: Actual user device IP address
  • X-Device-User-Agent: Actual user device UA.
May 11, 2022VAST Wrapper tags no longer supported for Android Rewarded.
Feb. 24, 2022Add support for Native format as of AppLovin SDK iOS 11.1.2 / Android 11.1.3.
Dec. 31, 2021Add support for passing IDFV in the device.ext.ifv field. Only passed when IDFA is not available. Currently passed for iOS only.