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Common Questions from Publishers

The following are frequently asked questions from publishers who use MAX mediation.

This FAQ includes answers to common questions with links to more information.

Why isn’t my MAX Google Bidding integration working?

If you have difficulty setting up Google Bidding on MAX, try the troubleshooting strategies in this support article.

Why is my eCPM too low?

There are a variety of reasons why eCPM may be low. This article explains best practices that ensure you get the highest eCPM possible for your app and region.

Why doesn’t my MAX eCPM revenue estimate match the actual eCPM / revenue from the network?

Typically when this occurs, the eCPM and revenue reported by the network is correct.

If there is a large discrepancy between the two figures, these troubleshooting steps should help you to resolve the issue.

How do I troubleshoot two-factor authentication (2FA) issues?

This article on two-factor authentication (2FA) explains how to deal with login issues. These may include including phone number changes, “Code could not be sent” messages, and account and phone number transfers.

How do I stop unwanted and inappropriate ads?

Read How to Stop Unwanted or Inappropriate Ads. It shows you how to block and report ads that are too mature or or are inappropriate for your audience. It also shows you how to filter out other types of ads that you do not want to run in your inventory.

Why am I not seeing any ads?

The article Why am I not seeing any ads? covers issues relating to low demand, frequency capping, rewarded video, and OS updates. It also explains issues specific to Android devices.

How does AppLovin decide which ads to serve in my apps?

AppLovin prides itself on its ability to serve ads intelligently through a completely automated and programmatic solution.

This is a more efficient buying process for you. You do not need to perform manual optimizations. AppLovin’s internal algorithms identify the highest paying offers for each application, and serve these offers. This helps you enjoy industry-leading eCPMs/revenues.