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Why doesn’t my MAX eCPM revenue estimate match the actual eCPM / revenue the network is generating?

Typically, the eCPM and revenue reported by the network is correct. If there is a large discrepancy between the two figures, these troubleshooting steps may help:

Enable Auto-CPM to Pull the Most Accurate CPM Numbers from Networks

If you don’t have auto-CPM enabled already, review the page on Auto-CPM.

If You Do Not Have Auto-CPM Enabled, Regularly Update the Network CPMs in Your Waterfall

You should ensure that the most accurate CPM is used in the waterfall. This makes your MAX revenue estimates more accurate, and prioritizes your waterfall towards the highest paying network so you make more money.

  • To adjust your waterfall, go to your dashboard and select MAX > Mediation > Manage > Ad Units > «Your Ad Unit».
  • If you need help determining which of your MAX ad units have incorrect CPMs, use the Network Comparison Report. Review this documentation to understand how to use this report.