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Why is my eCPM too low?

There are several reasons why eCPM may be low. These best practices help you get the highest eCPM possible for your app and region.

If your userbase is low, establish strategies to increase users for your app and to improve user acquisition (UA)

Focus on UA in geographical regions where advertisers typically pay more for ad placements. If more users access your app from established markets such as North America or Europe, you can expect higher eCPM from advertisers who buy your ad inventory.

Encourage more user engagement with ads running in your app

Another key strategy is to get your users to interact with ads more frequently. Here are two ways to do this.

Run more ads in your app.
You can run more ads in your app. You can also run more engaging formats such as rewarded video. But note that if you run too many ads this can annoy or distract your users.
Make your app more compelling.
Incentivize longer in-app sessions by improving user experience, fixing bugs, and regularly updating your app with features that will delight your users. When you do, your users may spend more time on your app. This generates more opportunities to interact with ads.

Run a variety of ad formats in your app

Banner ads have strong demand, but historically lower CPMs than other ad formats. Try running full-screen ads like interstitials and rewarded video. Those formats may be more effective at monetizing your audience because of their relatively higher CPMs.

You can learn more about how to work with different ad formats in the ad formats article.

Add more ad networks to your app

It’s better to have many networks bidding for your users’ attention than to exclusively rely on AppLovin. This increases competition. When competition increases so does eCPM.

Many variables impact which networks are best for your app, including geo, ad type, platform, and type of app.

AppLovin recommends the following ways to determine the best strategy for your app:

  • Run A/B tests to determine the impact of adding/removing specific networks.
  • Research which ad networks are strong in the regions where you have users. Reach out to these networks directly to understand their demand makeup.
  • Prioritize bidding networks when possible.

To learn more about the networks AppLovin supports, see the Mediation Matrix.

Make sure your ad integration follows our policy

To avoid account suspension, implement the following checks and strategies:

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