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Banner & MREC Ads

The following sections show you how to load and then show and hide a banner or MREC ad.

Loading a Banner or MREC

The following code shows you how to load a banner or MREC by using your Ad Unit ID, desired position, and (for banners) desired background color. MAX will size the ad for you automatically:

final String _banner_ad_unit_ID = Platform.isAndroid ? "«Android-banner-ad-unit-ID»" : "«iOS-banner-ad-unit-ID»";
function initializeBannerAds()
// MAX automatically sizes banners to 320×50 on phones and 728×90 on tablets
AppLovinMAX.createBanner(_banner_ad_unit_ID, AdViewPosition.bottomCenter);

Displaying a Banner

To show a banner, call showBanner():


To hide a banner, call hideBanner():


Widget Method

You can also render a banner or MREC directly in your widget tree:

final String _ad_unit_ID = Platform.isAndroid ? "«Android-ad-unit-ID»" : "«iOS-ad-unit-ID»";
adUnitId: _ad_unit_ID,
adFormat: AdFormat.banner,
listener: AdViewAdListener(onAdLoadedCallback: (ad) {
}, onAdLoadFailedCallback: (adUnitId, error) {
}, onAdClickedCallback: (ad) {
}, onAdExpandedCallback: (ad) {
}, onAdCollapsedCallback: (ad) {

Adaptive Banners

Adaptive banners are responsive banners with heights that derive from the device type and the width of the banner. To disable adaptive banners, set the adaptive_banner flag like this:

AppLovinMAX.setBannerExtraParameter(«banner-ad-unit-ID», "adaptive_banner", "false")

Call AppLovinMAX.getAdaptiveBannerHeightForWidth(«width») to get the banner height, and then adjust your content accordingly.

Stopping and Starting Auto-Refresh

You may want to stop auto-refresh for an ad. This may be the case when you hide an ad or when you want to manually refresh. Stop auto-refresh with the following code:


Start auto-refresh for an ad with the following code: