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Waterfall Management Tools

Ad Unit Management API

Automate daily tasks with the Ad Unit Management API, such as:

  • Create ad units.
  • Build, duplicate, and optimize waterfalls.
  • Run A/B tests.

This reduces the manual work of managing monetization so you have more time to focus on your app.

Learn how to use this API at the Ad Unit Management API documentation page.

Ad Unit Manager CSV Tool

Manage and make bulk updates to your waterfall without the need of an API by using the Bulk CSV Ad Unit Manager tool. Export your current ad units as CSV, make adjustments, and import the file back into MAX. You can access this feature from the MAX Dashboard by selecting MAX > Mediation > CSV Tools > Ad Unit Manager.

Bulk CSV Ad Unit Manager. Export and adjust your current ad units by clicking 'Export Current Ad Unit Settings'. If you would like to manage changes for a specific ad unit, we recommend using the MAX ad unit page. Direct sold changes are not supported. Export Ad Unit Settings button. Import your Ad Unit Settings C.S.V. here by Drag and Drop or Browse Local Files