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ALX Reporting

ALX Reporting (MAX > Mediation > Analyze > ALX Reporting) provides insights that help you to understand your monetization performance within AppLovin Exchange. You can run hourly, daily, or weekly reports to analyze trends and to examine your app’s performance.

AppLovin Exchange Reporting. Save/Schedule Report button. Run Report button. Checkboxes: Day, Hour, DSP, Application, Ad  Unit Name, Waterfall, Ad Unit Test, Ad Placement, Platform, Country, Ad Type, Has IDFA.


Bid Requests*
how many bid requests were sent to ALX
Bid Responses*
how many bid requests resulted in at least a single bid response
No Bids*
how many times the bid request resulted in no bid responses
Bid Rate*
Bid Responses ÷ Bid Requests
an impression is when a user on a device sees an advertisement
Clear Rate*
Impressions ÷ Bid Responses
Display Rate
Impressions ÷ Wins
Est Revenue
estimated revenue generated from the AppLovin Exchange
price per 1,000 impressions

* this metric is supported only at the Exchange level and does not show if DSP is selected.


  • Day
  • Hour
  • DSP
  • Application (Package Name/iTunes ID is also included)
  • Ad Unit Name
  • Waterfall
  • Ad Unit Test
  • Ad Placement
  • Platform
  • Country
  • Ad Type
  • Has IDFA