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Reporting APIs

Leverage more advanced MAX features by using the APIs listed below:

Revenue Reporting API

The Revenue Reporting API retrieves aggregated statistics about your live MAX traffic. These are based on the same estimated impressions and revenue that the AppLovin dashboard reports.

AppLovin recommends that you use the statistics in this API for your daily operations, rather than those provided by third-party networks. Each third-party network reporting API might be delayed or might have a different timezone setting, and this could cause inaccuracies in your management of daily revenue operations.

See the Revenue Reporting API documentation for more information.

User-Level Ad Revenue API

Use the User-Level Ad Revenue API to retrieve user-level revenue data. You can export this data, aggregated for a particular user or with one row per impression. You can share user-level and impression-level ad revenue data with your mobile measurement partner of choice, like Adjust, AppsFlyer, or Singular, for all supported networks.

See the User-Level Ad Revenue API documentation for more information.

Cohort API

MAX Cohort data help you optimize the entire lifecycle of a user. You can make better-informed decisions based on accurate and timely stats that you can see in one place, instead of relying on misleading, high-level, aggregate data available in different dashboards or that you calculate manually. You can retrieve metrics that include retention, engagement rate, and revenue per install—all tracked over time for your users.

See the Cohort API documentation for more information.

Direct Sold API

In addition to monitoring performance of campaigns through Direct Sold Reporting, use this API to connect Direct Sold stats to your MMP.

See the Direct Sold API documentation for more information.