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Banner & MREC Ads

The following sections show you how to load and then show and hide a banner or MREC ad.

Loading a Banner or MREC

To load a banner or MREC, call CreateBanner() or CreateMRec(), passing it your Ad Unit ID and desired ad view position:


Banners are automatically sized to 320×50 on phones and 728×90 on tablets. You may call the utility method “Is Tablet” to help with view sizing adjustments: Ad Unit Identifier. Create Banner: Ad Unit Identifier. Banner Position: Bottom Center. Set background or background color for banners to be fully functional. Set Banner Background Color: Ad Unit Identifier, Color. Make Color. B:0, G:0, R:0, A:0; Color.


Ad Unit Identifier. Create MRec: Ad Unit Identifier, MRec Position (Centered).

The complete list of position options are:

  • TopLeft
  • TopCenter
  • TopRight
  • Centered
  • CenterLeft
  • CenterRight
  • BottomLeft
  • BottomCenter
  • BottomRight

Set your banner background color to any FColor, for example FColor:Black or FColor:FromHex("#fff200") (yellow).

Showing a Banner or MREC

Show a banner or MREC with the following call:

Ad Unit Identifier. Show Banner: Ad Unit Identifier.

Hiding a Banner or MREC

Hide a banner or MREC with the following call:

Ad Unit Identifier. Hide Banner: Ad Unit Identifier.