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Interstitial Ads

Loading an Interstitial Ad

The following code shows you how to bind to delegates and load the first interstitial:

Initialize Interstitial Ads. Custom Event. Interstitial ad is ready to be shown. “Is Interstitial Ready” will return true. On Interstitial Ad Loaded Dynamic Delegate (AppLovinMAXDelegate): Ad Info. Reset retry attempts. SET. Retry Attempt: 0.0. On Interstitial Ad Load Failed Dynamic Delegate (AppLovinMAXDelegate): Ad Info, Ad Error. Retry Attempt. ++. MIN: 6.0, Add pin +. Power: Base 2.0, Exp, Return Value. Delay: Duration, Completed. If interstitial ad fails to load, retry with exponentially higher delays up to a maximum delay (in this case 64 seconds). Interstitial ad failed to display. AppLovin recommends loading the next ad. On Interstitial Ad Display Failed Dynamic Delegate (AppLovinMAXDelegate): Ad Info, Ad Error. Interstitial ad is hidden. Pre-load the next ad. On Interstitial Ad Hidden Dynamic Delegate (AppLovinMAXDelegate): Ad Info. Ad Unit Identifier. Load Interstitial: Ad Unit Identifier.

Showing an Interstitial Ad

To show an interstitial ad, call ShowInterstitial():

Ad Unit Identifier. Is Interstitial Ready: Ad Unit Identifier, Return Value. Branch: Condition, True/False. Show Interstitial: Ad Unit Identifier, Placement.