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Error Handling

Your ad display delegate or callback interface receives a call if an ad fails to load or fails to display. This call is accompanied by an error code. This page describes these error codes.

Error Object

The error that you receive in your callback is a first-class error object, AdError. This object has three properties:

the error code, which you can find in the table below
a human-readable message that describes the error
a description string that, when present, contains error codes and reasons why each mediated network failed to load an ad

MAX Error Codes

CodeDescriptionLoad / Display
204No ads are currently eligible for your device (no fill). MAX returned no eligible ads from any mediated networks for this app/device.L
−1The system is in an unexpected state. This error code represents an error that could not be categorized into one of the other defined errors. See the message field in the error object for more details.L/D
−23You are attempting to show a fullscreen ad (interstitial or rewarded) while another fullscreen ad is still showing.D
−24You are attempting to show a fullscreen ad before it has loaded.D
−1000The ad request failed due to a generic network error. See the message field in the error object for more details.L
−1001The ad request timed out due to a slow internet connection.L
−1009The ad request failed because the device is not connected to the internet.L
−5001The ad failed to load due to no networks being able to fill. MAX returned eligible ads from mediated networks, but all ads failed to load. See the adLoadFailureInfo field in the error object for more details.L
−5201The internal state of the SDK is invalid. There are various ways this can occur.L
−5205The adapter did not have an ad ready when attempting to display.L
−5209Unspecified internal error.L
−5601The SDK failed to load an ad because it could not find the top Activity.L
−5602The SDK failed to display an ad because the user has the “Don’t Keep Activities” developer setting enabled.D
−5603The SDK failed to load an ad because the publisher provided an invalid ad unit identifier. Possible reasons for an invalid ad unit identifier:
  • ad unit identifier is malformed or does not exist
  • ad unit is disabled
  • ad unit is not associated with the current app’s package name
  • ad unit was created within the last 30–60 minutes

Error Codes from Various Networks

To better understand the error codes that various ad networks return, see the error documentation pages published by those networks: