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Ad Review helps you create a better and safer ad experience for your users. You can view the ads shown in your apps and track down problematic creatives.

Follow the instructions for your platform in Platform > Overview > Integration > “Enable Ad Review” to enable MAX Ad Review. Ad Review tracks the ads your users are seeing, and makes its reports available to you in the Ad Review section of your MAX dashboard—there is no additional coding required on your part.

Table of Supported Ad Networks and Formats

Ad NetworkSupported Ad Formats
AppLovinBanner, Interstitial, MREC, Native, Rewarded
DT ExchangeBanner, Interstitial, MREC, Rewarded
Google Bidding and Google AdMobBanner, Interstitial, MREC, Native, Rewarded
InMobiBanner, Interstitial, MREC, Rewarded
ironSourceBanner, Interstitial, Rewarded
Liftoff MonetizeBanner, Interstitial, MREC, Rewarded
LINEBanner, Interstitial, Rewarded
MintegralBanner, Interstitial, MREC, Rewarded
PangleBanner, Interstitial, Rewarded
SmaatoBanner, Interstitial, Rewarded
Unity AdsBanner, Interstitial, Rewarded

† Native ad format is supported for Native Android and iOS apps.