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Revenue Reporting API

Use this API to retrieve aggregated estimated statistics related to MAX mediation. All times shown in the response are in UTC.

Request Format

Target URL


api_keyYour Report Key.api_key=Hyfi8Mkct…WiWP466a1VBL7eUfUlD9JBh
columnsWhich columns you want reported (see table of columns below). Comma-separated.columns=day,application,ecpm
endThe last day you want in the report, in «YYYY»-«MM»-«DD» format.end=2019-03-29
filter_«x»Filter column «x» by a value (see table of columns below).filter_max_ad_unit_id=deb878533ea4e76a
formatResponse format: csv or json.format=csv
limitNumber of results to return. Use this together with offset to paginate API requests that have a large number of results.limit=1000
not_zeroSet to 1 to filter results in which all numerical metrics have a value of 0.not_zero=1
offsetHow many entries to skip before returning results. If the value is larger than the total number of entries, an empty set is returned.offset=0
sort_«x»Sort the response by column «x» (see table of columns below). You can add multiple sorts with multiple sort_«x» parameters, and these will execute in the order in which the parameters appear in the query string. ASC (ascending) or DESC (descending).sort_impressions=DESC
startThe first day you want in the report, in «YYYY»-«MM»-«DD» format.start=2019-03-25

This API has a request window of 45 days. Make sure the date parameters are within the last 45 days.


ad_formatAd unit ad type: INTER, BANNER, REWARD.INTER
ad_unit_waterfall_nameThe name of the Ad Unit waterfall.LAT
applicationName of the application.My App
attemptsNumber of attempts made to an ad network (can only be shown if you include column network and/or network_placement; cannot be shown if you include column max_placement).41734
countryTwo-letter ISO Country
custom_network_nameCustom network name or Direct Sold campaign name.Custom Network
dayDay of the data in «YYYY»-«MM»-«DD» format.2019-03-25
device_typeThe user’s device type: phone, tablet,
ecpmEstimated eCPM generated in USD.8.47
estimated_revenueEstimated revenue generated in USD.245.12
fill_rateresponses / attempts (can only be shown if you include column network and/or network_placement; cannot be shown if you include column max_placement)..8512
has_idfaDoes the user have an ad ID available. 0 if the user enabled LAT (Limit Ad Traffic) or opted out of data usage in GDPR geos, otherwise 1.0
hourHour of the data (only for dates within the last 30 days).20:00
impressionsNumber of impressions shown.28942
max_ad_unit_idMAX Ad Unit ID.deb878533ea4e76a
max_ad_unit_testMAX Ad Unit test group name (if applicable).Control
max_placementMAX mediation placement name (if applicable).launch_screen
networkAd network name.AppLovin
network_placementPlacement of the external Ad
package_namePackage Name/Bundle ID of the
platformPlatform of the application: android, fireos, or
requestsNumber of ad requests (cannot be shown if you include column network, network_placement, or max_placement).45651
responsesNumber of responses from an ad network (can only be shown if you include column network and/or network_placement; cannot be shown if you include column max_placement).39841
store_idThe numeric portion of the iTunes ID on iOS, or the app’s package name on Android. If the iTunes ID is not known to AppLovin, the Bundle ID is returned instead.1207472156

Response Format

If the request includes format=csv, the response is a comma-separated text file with the column heading in the same order as indicated in the columns parameter:

2019-03-25,00:00,"My Test App",987654
2019-03-25,01:00,"My Test App",819127